Internet Marketing Course Online with a Human Face

If you have been looking for ways to make money online for long, you will have discovered that there are more get rich quick schemes and scams out there than you can shake a stick at.  Most make big promises only to leave people disappointed and frustrated and it can be no different in the world of affiliate marketing.  Picking your way through a plethora of courses all claiming to be the “best affiliate marketing course” can cause even greater confusion.

Unfortunately, get rich quick doesn’t exist, if it did I think I would have found it by now!

However, for people who are patient and determined, it is possible to build a proper business online, but it takes time and some people understandably give up in confusion, not having achieved the results they expected, or were led to expect, quickly.  mountain-climbers-603617_1280

Also, the internet moves on and strategies which used to work a while back become out dated.  You need training which keeps pace with trends and doesn’t lead you up a cul-de-sac, on a road to nowhere.

Also, picking the right niche is the starting point and can be where many stumble, as I know from personal experience!  It can be a long hard struggle.

There is so much more to learn than can be realistically contained in an ebook.  Building a Wordpress site can be a daunting prospect for someone with no experience, likewise building an opt-in email list, writing content, copywriting, uploading images, video and photographs, adding plugins, finding products to affiliate to, marketing and much more.  Lots of these topics are the subjects of courses themselves, not to mention search engine optimisation.

How much better would it be to find everything in one place, arranged in a step by step framework of bite sized chunks, with a large forum of like-minded family of people for mutual support.

You can try Wealthy Affiliate for free, indefinitely if you choose, with the free “Starter” version.  It will enable you to build two websites and provide you with limited access to the training at WA.  freedom-589576_1280

Once you have decided you want to progress, you can, in your own time and at your own pace, upgrade to the “Premium” monthly subscription version, with complete access to everything and the ability to set up websites on your own domains with no monthly web hosting fees as hosting is included.

Alternatively, having tried the Starter version, if you decide affiliate marketing is not for you, it won’t have cost you anything.

With a comprehensive FAQ section, you will probably find that any questions on your mind have already been answered and, if not, just ask away and someone will, like as not, come back with the answer.  In addition to the course creators, there are some very knowledgeable experts in the forum, so you have nothing to lose.

Why not give WA a try and see what you think?  It’s more than a training course, it’s a community.

All the best,